Thursday, 20 February 2014

You're Beautiful

I’m sure all of you have been through situations where you hate yourself, when insecurity grips on to you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, and all you can see is you being overweight or underweight, crazy hair, puffy eyes, dry skin, oily skin, etc. Those times when you feel rejected, when you feel like you've failed. When darkness surrounds you, when you feel like the ugliest of the lot, when you feel you’re worth nothing and your existence means nothing.

I’m just here to tell you, that you’re not alone. All of us feel that way. The purpose of this post is simply to remind you, of life's pure magic, how beautiful, powerful, wonderful you are, and how far you have reached.

You've helped more than you know, you've done better than you realize and you’re closer than you think. And therefore each time you look into the mirror, you need to believe that you are more than that. Look beyond just your face or appearance, you’re not what the world or your friends think of you. You are not even what you think of yourself. YOU, my friend are beyond just labels or stereotypes; you are uniquely created, perfectly made. And therefore it goes beyond just your makeup or hairdo or the clothes you wear. Your age, or weight, eye colour, skin colour, hair colour doesn't define you. And hence, you do not need to live up to some ridiculous and unobtainable idea.

Yes, you are not perfect. But neither is anyone else. People might find you weird, being normal is boring anyway. You have been to hell and back, your resilience is beautiful. You’re beautiful because you take risks. You’re an inspiration and you’re real.
It’s normal to ask yourself “where am I going?”… “What am I to do with my life?”… “Where do I belong?” …“Who am I as a person?”  It’s okay to have angry outbursts, or to be confused about the future or about yourself and the world. Your night-time unvoiced fears, sudden tears, the sweeping highs, and rocky lows are not what define you.

You’re the most trustworthy friend, the best child to you parents, even though they might not think so. Remember, time is on your side and ‘no’ is never forever. Sit back and think of all your dreams that have already come true, I’m sure they are a lot. There, you are a legend already.

You know what is right and you know what is wrong.  You know what makes you sad and hurtful, as well as what makes you happy and fulfilled.  What a wonder it is to be you…

You are who you are. You are potential and you can truly be whatever you wish to. You are possibility, hope and ability. You can do whatever you want, accomplish things greater than you can ever think of.  You are beautiful and special. Nothing that happens in your entire life can stop your thoughts from becoming things and your words from giving you wings. Have faith; forget what everything around you tells you to be. If they don’t notice your good looks, strengths and your sashay, I feel sorry for them, because, you are beautiful.

You’re beautiful because you believe in things. Even when it’s easier to be cynical, skeptical, hyper-rational, you keep believing because you know believing in things is what makes them real. You’re beautiful for that reason, because you can do something lots of people can’t. You have been through things most people haven’t. You have been hurt, troubled and you still stay strong. You are happiness and you give people happiness.

You’re beautiful and you shouldn't wait for someone else to tell you that. You already know it, just see it. Only if you’re able to love and believe in yourself with people love and believe in you.
You are in your journey, writing the story of your precious life.  Each day of your life you write a new paragraph.  Make it a wondrous story, the most exciting and joyous adventure it can possibly become. And always remember, you’re loved.

You are beautiful!

I Love you guys.
- Alisha.


  1. Neatly described your feelings.Awesome work

  2. Beautiful Post Alisha.....

    1. Thank you Anjana. I'm glad you liked it :')

  3. There comes in a day, when you see something and that makes your day. This post did that to me exactly

    1. Your comment is something that made my day. Thank you

  4. lovely post... thanks for it.... it was much needed :)

  5. Very well said. I felt beautiful reading this!

  6. Alisha you are Beautiful too :) Awesome post.By this post am sure you must have cheered up many readers.Good work!keep it up

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